Why Bella Kitchens Inc.
Differentiates from the Rest of the Market

About us

At Bella Kitchens Inc., we are a family owned and operated manufacturing company with over 30 years of experience in custom kitchens, millwork, and furniture making.

We differentiate from the rest of the industry because we provide cutting-edge superb services that checks off everything a customer is looking for. Our goal is to add value to your home all while creating designs that are detailed to perfection with seamless functionality. We plan accordingly to fulfill all your requests and needs, then we design the vision you are aiming for. Understanding that sometimes selecting the best design for the layout of your home can be a tedious process. That is where we as professionals, can guide you through it all and provide you with the finest design options that best reflects your preferences and personal needs. Once we pinpoint the pivotal aspects, we execute the project in a timely and efficient manner.

30+ Years of Experience


Our Design cycle

Once the design is finalized, we review and confirm the drawings and details with the homeowner for final approval and take care to ensure the specifics are adhered during the manufacturing process. Production and inspection are completed at our onsite Mfg. plant; and finally, we deliver the product and our skilled installers come in to build the millwork all in place. Bella Kitchens Inc. crafts top tier luxurious cabinetry that will undoubtedly stand out and provide years of enjoyment. Our full-service design process is tailored to achieve the results you have anticipated and more.

To break it down, here is a list of procedures we take to execute the design process:


Free consultation with our professionals


On-site measurements


Design Layout Plan


Offer colour pallets with various options and finishes


Provide clients with a variety of cabinetry, finishes and accessory styles


Built-in technology selections of your choice


Our process outline

Initial consultation (Complimentary)

Initial meeting takes place in our beautiful showroom

We request plans, dimensions and pictures to discuss the best possible layout and design for the space

We work with you to determine a budget for the project

Planning your space

We create a design of your project tailored to the layout of your space

We present a design for the millwork to demonstrate how it will look in the space

Discussion of material, colors and possible accessories that will fit into the space

Selection of door styles, crown moulding, trims, and details associated with the design.

Finalize details needed to complete the process

Finalization of design

Finalization of the details of the design

Site measurements confirmed by Bella Kitchens Inc.

Confirmation of delivery and installation date

Project completion

Client walk-through and inspection

Client concerns are collected, a Client Request List is created

Each item on Client Request List is complete to client satisfaction


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Bella Kitchens Inc. is a Family owned business, serving Toronto and the GTA for over 25 years. Through our Fine Custom Cabinetry and Woodwork, we have provided ELEGANT and UNIQUE designs, HIGH CLASS, LUXURIOUS AND SUPERB QUALITY products for many homes and facilities